Khater Sports delivers different types of football fields including natural turf, synthetic turf and hybrid turf.

Natural turf pitches set the standard for functional properties and quality of use, and are widely preferred by players for their safety. Khater Sports provides the full setup of laying natural turf pitches including implementing the grass cover, the supporting substrate and a full drainage system. Khater Sports also provides full maintenance services including irrigating, sanding, aerating, fertilizing, trimming and resowing.

Synthetic turf fields are becoming more and more popular for their convenience. They don’t require much maintenance. With the immense research and development spent on this product, its properties have now mirrored that of natural turf in terms of feel and ball rebound. Another benefit of synthetic turf is that its playability is consistent regardless of the climate.

Hybrid turf systems reinforce natural turf’s playability properties combined with synthetic turf’s durability. The synthetic fibers help stabilize and protect the natural grass to improve growth, reduce playing damage and extend the life of natural grass fields.

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